Yanire works for the Change Management Office at the Work Bank Group and dedicates her personal time to support and enhance professional women through mentoring, training and networking activities.
Previously, Yanire worked for the Inter-American Development Bank as an Organizational Communications Leader. Prior to that, she worked as a Corporate Development Manager at Banco Popular Group in Madrid, Spain. Since 2008, she is the founder and Director of MET Community, an organization to help women entrepreneurs in Spain and Latin American countries. She is currently a Board Member for Ladies America, a professional networking group that helps women around the globe.
Yanire has more than twelve years of experience in strategic definition, launching and implementation of new initiatives and projects. She teaches communications and technologies courses for various prestigious academic institutions such as IE Business School. She combines this activity with research projects, reports and articles since 1998. She is always in search for new opportunities to develop innovative and technological processes that can support professionals in today’s dynamic business environment.

Washington, October 2012
aa(C) Yanire Braña, 2006